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MB8®, molto più che una custodia porta abiti

Ludovico Marabotto garment holder, designed to solve the problem of keeping clothes in shape while travelling, is an essential accessory for a neat and tidy travel bag that is easy to carry.

Have you ever had to attend an event, an important work meeting or a special occasion, where your outfit had to be impeccable? And every time the problem was always the same: how to transport the outfit you need for the occasion without creasing it during the journey? Why is it that garment bags, besides not guaranteeing the integrity of the garments, are often also bulky and uncomfortable to carry?

There is now a solution and it’s called MB8.

It integrates perfectly with Ludovico Marabotto bag collections and it’s easy to use, the MB8 garment holder allows you to transport any type of garment to your destination wrinkle-free, because it features an exclusive and patented retaining system for clothes.

And not only. Thanks to its exclusive patent, the garment holder can be placed inside the brand’s travel bags and backpacks, so that you have one single piece of baggage that is compact and easy to carry. Once the holder is inserted, personal items and/or work documents and accessories are well organised and separated from the rest of the baggage. In addition, the sizes and volumes of each Ludovico Marabotto travel product comply with the most restrictive hand baggage regulations of airlines (cabin size).

The adjustable and detachable shoulder strap allows the garment holder to be carried easily even on its own.

The comfortable sizes (55 x 110 x 5 cm), the unique retaining system, the materials and craftsmanship with which the MB8 garment holders are made, keep the clothes in place, away from moisture and dust during the journey, ensuring they remain clean and wrinkle-free.

To conclude, MB8 is not just a simple accessory, but a versatile and essential element for a travel bag that is always tidy and easy to carry.

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