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The MB8® garment bag have an exclusive patented retaining system which keeps clothes of different sizes and measurements flat and in place with the use of adjustable clips. 

The clips do not leave marks on clothing even when they are left in the bags for a while. Moreover, the ribbon yarn attached to the clips allows to choose the length of the tensioning systems according to the size of the clothes to be packed. A simple technical solution that means you can pack both elegant and casual clothes that remain fresh and tidy even when upside down. The retaining system in the MB8 garment holders is covered by international patents that are the sole property of Ludovico Marabotto.


The MB8® garment holder is the only system that has a double retaining system on either side: the garments inside the bag are held in place by the hanger (retaining point) and the clips on the opposite side, which maintain the correct tension in order to keep garments in place.

This system also allows the MB8® garment holder to be rolled up and carried horizontally so that the items inside arrive in perfect shape, as if they had just come out of the wardrobe!

drag the slider to rotate 360°


Thanks to the exclusive retaining system, the unique MB8 garment holder, together with the metal hangers and the semi-rigid structure of the garment holder, can travel in any position, diagonally, vertically, horizontally, rolled up, in a bag, in a backpack, a holder or carried on its own with its practical shoulder strap. 

The MB8 garment holders can be placed inside the brand's travel bags and backpacks. Covered by its exclusive patents, MB8 is an easy and comfortable accessory to use that ensures the integrity of garments to their destination.


The MB8® garment holder features metal hangers, an adjustable retaining clips system and a semi-rigid structure. 

These technical and functional characteristics allow clothes to be packed and kept in place so that they reach their destination in perfect condition and without creases. 


The MB8® garment holder can be combined with all the products in the Ludovico Marabotto collections, guaranteeing travel solutions that are perfectly in line with the needs of everyone.

In fact, the models Flamingo, Small Postino, Postino and Riccardo travel bags and the backpack models Carlo and Voyager, support this practical solution that integrates the holders with the bag becoming a single piece of luggage.

The MB8® garment holders are the exclusive products of the brand Ludovico Marabotto. A revolutionary product in the world of travel accessories, these holders are a must-have for the most demanding travellers.


The MB8® garment holders are available in three different lengths (93 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm), depending on the hand luggage size allowed.
These measurements have been designed to contain men's and women's clothing, accommodating the equivalent length of a coat.

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